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Russian Sales Manager

1. College degree or above, fluent in Russian listening, speaking, reading, and writing, able to communicate smoothly with foreign businesses
2. Have certain experience in foreign trade work and possess learning ability.
3. Base salary (4000-6000)+performance commission+sales incentives+insurance+paid annual leave.
4. This position requires at least 1 year of relevant work experience.

Job Description:
1. Maintain online platforms to explore the Russian market, seek to track Russian customers, organize and respond to inquiries, and do a good job in follow-up work;
2. Maintain good communication with customers, maintain good relationships with existing customers, and be responsible for promoting and selling products in foreign markets;
3. Mastering customer needs, actively exploring, and completing tasks and indicators assigned by superiors;
4. Collect business information, grasp market trends, and timely report market trends to leaders;
5. Actively communicate and coordinate with the production department to ensure timely export of goods.

Work Location
Chengdu, China

Russian Sales Manager

Job Description: Sales of Vacorda products, with a commission based on sales revenue (the commission ratio can be negotiated),
Work location: anywhere in Russia
Agents welcomed