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The advantages of the radar level gauge, its main application areas and how to maintain the radar level?

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-07-14 17:19:42

Compared with the ultrasonic level gauge, the radar level gauge uses an integrated design, and there is no mechanical wear and tear without moving parts, so that the service life of the radar level gauge is higher than other level gauges during use. During the measurement process, the radar level gauge emits electromagnetic waves, which can propagate through the vacuum, because there is no need for a transmission medium. Because it is not affected by the atmosphere, steam, and volatilized mist in the tank, it can be used for level measurement of volatilized media such as crude benzene. The measurement range of radar level gauge is very wide, and it can almost realize the level measurement of all liquids.

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So what is the composition of the radar level gauge and its measuring principle?
Radar level gauge is mainly composed of transmitting and receiving device, signal processor, antenna, operation panel, display and so on. The radar level gauge uses ultra-high frequency electromagnetic waves to be emitted to the liquid surface of the detected container via an antenna. When the electromagnetic wave hits the liquid surface, it is reflected back. The meter detects the time difference between the emitted wave and the echo to calculate the height of the liquid level. The better the conductivity of the measured medium, the better the reflection effect of the echo signal. Transmit-reflect-receive is the basic principle of radar level gauge.
What are the main application areas of radar level gauges?
At present, the radar level gauge is mainly used in industrial production. Because of its small detection blind area, high measurement accuracy, almost no influence of the medium, large measurement range, not only high temperature resistance but also high pressure resistance, it does not need to directly contact the medium when used. , And for high pressure, high temperature, acid rot liquid, foam, water vapor and other measurement environments have good measurement performance. It has been used in liquid level measurement of a variety of liquids.
It is precisely because the radar level gauge has so many advantages, so its use cost is much higher than the price of other level gauges. Therefore, when using the radar level gauge, it must be well maintained.
So how to maintain the radar level?
Since the radar level gauge is mainly composed of electronic components and antennas, there are no moving parts, so there are very few failures in use. The occasional problem encountered in use is that it is nothing more than the presence of some volatile organic matter in the tank that crystallizes on the horn or antenna of the radar level gauge. For this problem, we only need to check and clean up regularly. . For the main items that need to be used when using the radar position gauge, you can consult Huikeda Instruments. The leading products of Huikeda Instruments cover five categories of products such as liquid level meters, temperature meters, flow meters, calibration meters, and pressure meters. Instrumentation equipment, there are detailed introductions, application areas, operation precautions, and common operation failures and solutions to common failures. Welcome to consult. 

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