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Several common installation methods of ultrasonic level gauge

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-07-14 17:37:54
Regarding the installation of ultrasonic level gauges, many people think it is simple, but various problems will arise during the installation process. In fact, as long as the ultrasonic level gauge is installed in accordance with the user manual, the site conditions can basically be met. The following describes the installation methods and precautions of several common ultrasonic level gauges. Huikeda Instruments hopes to help more friends
1. The ultrasonic level gauge should be placed horizontally on the top of the container
2. The ultrasonic receiving and sensing surface should be parallel to the liquid surface
3. The ultrasonic receiving and sensing surface should be as far away as possible from the side wall of the container
4. To prevent the level gauge from loosening due to vibration or vibration, it should be installed carefully
5. It is not allowed to install multiple ultrasonic level gauges in the same container. Ultrasonic interference will cause measurement errors
6. The installation location should avoid direct sunlight, and a protective cover should be installed when installing outdoors

7. The installation position should avoid strong vibration. If installed in an area with low vibration, rubber shock absorbers should be used
8. The installation location should be far away from the feed inlet and there should be no obstacles
2. Two points should be paid attention to when measuring the level of volatile liquid in a sealed container
1. The speed of sound of the gas in the container may be different from the speed of sound in the air. If the level gauge cannot correct the speed of sound, a large error will occur.
Secondly, the volatile liquid condenses on the surface of the ultrasonic level gauge probe, which hinders the generation of sound waves. Level gauge requires variable power control function
Secondly, the incident angle of the sound wave must be at right angles to the horizontal plane. The sensor should not be too close to the inner wall to avoid measurement errors. During the installation process, avoid installing in the feeding position to avoid interference from materials or obstacles
In order to prevent indoor and outdoor instruments from being damp, damp, icing or heated, the cable gland should be tightened, and the cable inlet should be bent downward to prevent moisture. The ultrasonic level gauge is installed directly above the liquid to be measured with a fixed bracket, and the power supply and communication line of the instrument are connected to the control room through the galvanized steel pipe. Just like the installation method of the tank top, the sensor can also be fixed by flange fixing.

After understanding the installation method of the above ultrasonic level gauge, I believe you can clearly understand how the ultrasonic level gauge is installed under different usage conditions. You can pay more attention to the Hui Da instrument and learn more about it
The application of ultrasonic level gauges is very extensive, involving the use of all walks of life and various fields. Domestic ultrasonic level gauges are also very mature. I believe my friends need not say much about the choice. If you know more about ultrasonic level gauges, you can pay attention to our Hui Da instruments

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