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Instructions for use of Chengdu Huikeda magnetic flap level gauge

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-07-15 15:12:20

Chengdu Huikeda Automation Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional level gauge manufacturer.

elecrtric heat tracing level gauge

Side-mounted magnetic flap level gauge (hereinafter referred to as level gauge). It is suitable for the liquid level detection of various liquid storage equipment (towers, cylinders, tanks, spherical vessels and boilers) in the process of industrial production. The working conditions and liquid level heights of various liquids can be displayed on the spot. The liquid level transmitter can be configured to transmit the position signal of the liquid level remotely, and the liquid level can be automatically controlled and measured by a certain electrical device.
The level gauge is a reliable and safe detection instrument, due to the isolation and airtight structure of the magnetic lotus root. Especially suitable for liquid level detection of flammable, explosive, corrosive and toxic liquids. Make the liquid level detection method of the original complex environment simple, reliable and safe.
The level gauge has the direct-reading characteristics of the local display, without the need for multiple groups of level gauges, and can measure the full range alone. The equipment has the advantages of few openings, clear display, eye-catching signs, and intuitive readings. When the level gauge is directly equipped with a display instrument, the intermediate transmission of the signal detection of the system can be omitted to improve its transmission accuracy.
2. Working principle.
The liquid level gauge uses the magnetic displacement generated by the internal magnetic float according to the change of the liquid level to turn the red and white magnetic turning columns of the liquid level window accordingly to indicate the height of the liquid level. When the float descends, it changes from red to white, and red always indicates the level of the liquid.
3. Main technical parameters.
1. Measuring range: 0 &; mdash; 6000 mm.
2. Measurement accuracy: &; plusmn; 10mm.
3. Medium density: &; ge; 0.5g/cm3.
4. Working pressure: (other special requirements can be ordered)
5. Working temperature: -40~350℃ (the temperature range should be indicated when ordering)
6. Medium viscosity: &; le; 0.4Pa.s (Select jacket type for medium with high viscosity or easy to crystallize at low temperature)
7. Measuring interface specific gravity difference: 0.15g/cm3.
8. The factory connection flange size of our company: DN20PN2.5 (male control) The connection flange adopts the h(120592&; mdash; 20635&; mdash; 97 flange standard issued by the Ministry of Chemical Industry in 1998. If other flange standards are used, please The user indicates when ordering. The distribution shape of the flange connection hole: square
4. Structure and dimensions.
The appearance of the product is based on the actual product.
Five, the dead corner of the top-mounted magnetic flap level gauge.
There is a certain dead angle value on the structure during measurement, and it is compensated when reading. The density of the medium and the length of the float are different, and the dead angle value is also different.
Sixth, choose experience.
1. Nominal pressure of anti-corrosion type: &; le; 1.0MPa.
2. Because the level gauge has a certain dead angle, the height of the read level should be added with the dead angle compensation value (when the factory level gauge leaves the factory, the size scale is zero displacement to the actual value).
3. The measuring range of the level gauge is not more than 5 meters, which affects the stability and firmness of the level gauge.
4. To install the connecting flange, the common raised face size of this level gauge is manufactured with reference to (HG21592&;mdash;97).
7. Installation, use and maintenance.
1. The protection pipe of the level gauge and the main pipe should be vertical.
2. The connecting rod cannot be bent, but should be inserted straight.
3. After the installation is completed, the flip column of the display must be guided by a magnetic steel, once above zero is displayed as white, and below zero is displayed as red.
8. Instructions for ordering.
l. Model specifications, auxiliary instruments.
2. Measuring range.
3. The name and density of the measuring medium.
4. Work pressure.

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